2020 Espada Sinking Blue Legacy

Strategic Angler

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The ESPADA series was inspired through the body shape of the pacific saury. The lure features a smooth, streamlined body with a 2.4mm wiring system (same as the Kratos series), capable of handling any fish of your dreams.  The Espada series sits near vertical at rest with its tail down (both floating and sinking versions).  Various techniques will make this lure come alive.

Strategic Angler is handmade in the USA, one at a time. Each lure has numerous coats of epoxy, and can stand up to any big game species. 

  • Orientation:  Vertical sinking, tail down
  • Action:  Erratic darting action, sinks @ a foot a second (hook dependent)
  • Length: 9.25 inches (235 mm)
  • Average weight:  4.5 ounces (130-135 grams)
  • 0.093 inch (2.4 mm) thick x-heavy wiring
  • Tail hook only compatible
  • Working speed:  Medium to fast

All Strategic Angler Lures are handcrafted, no two are identical.