Head Start Trolling Rigs

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This is a great option to pre rig, and freeze in the freezer with fresh bait. Take the pack out for when you want to fish, and you'll be ready to go!

The HEAD START is a quick-rigging system for Ballyhoo, Pacific Saury, Garfish, and other bait. The HEAD START gives dead bait a very natural swimming action which attracts game fish strikes at a variety of trolling speeds. The system was designed for ballyhoo, but all over the world fisherman are rigging it with a variety of baits in both salt and fresh water.

Molded of polycarbonate, the HEAD START has been awarded a U.S. patent for its unique through-the-eye locking system. This creative system ensures that the bait does not spin, which prevents line twists and tangles. Both the DIVER and the SURFACE RUNNER give any bait an exciting action, resulting in more strikes and with the hook located in the tail of the bait fish, more hook-ups.

Surface Runner ( bird or skip bait).

The Surface Runner's top water action simulates an excited bait trying to escape, attracting surface feeding game fish. The cupped wings eliminate any possibility of spinning. This HEAD START version can be rigged weedless by turning the hook up into the bait, allowing it to be pulled over weed lines.

DIVER ( 4 ft deep @ 6 knots)

The diver gives the bait a very natural swimming action that attracts most all game fish. This is achieved by the bait's freedom of movement on the HEAD START. The ballasted weight, 1.75oz, keeps the bait upright and running true. Locating the hook far to the back eliminates those short strike misses.


Made In USA.