Strategic Angler

These unique lures were originally hand carved in wood or cast urethane and designed through a painstaking process to achieve the best results.  The process took months to complete and with the growing demand for trophy capable lures, a design upgrade was needed. Strategic Angler Custom lures are now constructed of high impact solid core injection molded plastic resin and will hold up to the toothy bites of Wahoo, King mackerel, Bluefish, Barracuda, GT, Tuna and all species you wish to target.  Each lure is still hand sanded, sealed, airbrushed in layers and sealed again with multiple coats of epoxy to achieve a finish like no other. No two lures are exactly alike because of the differences in production, paint patterns and finishing. There is one thing that all the lures will have in common; They are all created in the USA, and made by Merv Rubiano.