Tuna Harness Jig Head Unrigged

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The Harness Jig can practically stop a bus. The Harness Jig is named after the custom 500lb stainless steel “harness” molded inside the bait that extends the super strong VMC Barbarian hook to proper placement inside the soft bait. The other end is connected to a 280lb ball bearing swivel that is molded inside the jig. The hook point penetrates through bone and cartilage with ease while the sickle shape interfaces with the jig’s unique semi-stiff rig and ball bearing swivel to always deliver a straight line of pull, minimizing any possible leverage from a big fish to straighten the hook. The harness is shrink-wrapped to create a “semi-stiff rig” and ensure positive hook ups.


Available in 4 oz, 5 oz, and 6 oz. These are all unrigged replacement heads.